Back to School Sale on Play Sets


Kids love to visit here and play. This place was a great way to get the kids to an indoor park in the winter. They also sell the equipment and they have some really impressive playsets.

- Christopher

We recently purchased a playset from Millz House and had a great experience. The staff was extra helpful in guiding us through the decision process, we were able to come in through appointment and check out all the different playset options. The installation was well worth the backorder wait! The guys came and installed the playset in under 2 hours! We noticed later some missing screws and the crew came the next day to put them in! Highly recommend going through Millz House for your playcenter needs!

- Mary 

The kids seemed to enjoy it. They have play equipment, basketball hoops, trampolines... They host birthday parties as well. Very nice for winter time. They also sell playground equipment.

                                                                                                                                    - Matt 

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