Original Fort Play Set with blue and yellow accessories


Millz House Price:  $2,599

Delivery and Installation $299, within 40 miles of Millz House. 



Same great features as an Original Fort only bigger!!

  • Deck Height:  5.5'
  • Slide Length:  11'
  • Swing Beam Height:  8.5'Total:  L 18.5' x W 17' x H 11.5'

Millz House Price: $2,899

Delivery and Installation $299, within 40 miles of Millz House. 

The Original Fort can be compared to other play sets costing hundreds more. This wooden swing set has it all and is the definition of true quality at an affordable price! This play set can be reconfigured to accommodate smaller, more compact yards and even has an option for a larger play deck.

Original Fort Dimensions:

  • Play Deck Height:  5'
  • Headroom:  6'
  • Play Deck Size:  4' x 5'
  • Swing Beam Height:  8'
  • Dimensions:  L 18'  x W 16'  x H 11'


  • Heavy duty canopy roof in blue/yellow/blue or green
  • 10' wave slide in yellow or green
  • 3-position swing beam with 2 belt swings and a trapeze bar
  • Rock wall with climbing rope
  • Step ladder with handrails
  • Multi-purpose picnic table
  • Ship's wheel
  • Safety handles

All of our forts are completely customizable.

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